Inatlantis's Terms of service

Welcome to our Terms of Service! This page clearly explains how Inatlantis operates as a service and what you can expect when you become a member of our community. We recommend you read the statement in full before you register as an Inatlantis member, but here are the key points in brief.

Key Points

  • Inatlantis is a community for language learners. Our mission is connecting language learners from around the globe so they can practice with each other and speak any language.
  • We expect members to uphold our community standards. We have a zero tolerance approach to bullying, spam, harassment, discrimination, nudity or obscenity. Because we do not monitor messages or calls, however, we have reviews and rating which will allow us to easily detect all these actions and behaviors.
  • there is a small chance you could encounter abuse through our service, but we highly encourage members to report abusive behavior directly to us via "contact". Reports are taken very seriously and usually lead to a ban from Inatlantis.